Update 3/25/20

Hey, everyone. We just wanted to provide an update for the podcast considering the state of things. We have episodes pre-recorded that will release 3/27, 4/3, 4/24. We still plan to record podcast episodes, but with a couple issues. First off, we won’t have a video version after the 4/3 episode due to our remote recording. Secondly, the only way to keep it going short term is through an online chat like Skype. Since I have the recording software I’ll sound normal but Aaron will have that digital Skype sound. We will only record a couple episodes at a time rather than bulk so once the virus runs it’s its course we can go back to our normal way. We are excited to get back and record properly, but sadly this will have to do. Stay safe and have a good one.

Episode 6 Discussion

In this weeks episode we talk about LSU winning the Championship game, the surprising upsets in the NFL playoffs, and who will win it all. We also talk about our experiences with playing little league sports and playing sports in P.E. We talk about a variety of things which surprised even us. Let us know your experiences with sports and what you enjoying watching.

“Cazzet” by Derek LaBouve

Hey, Derek here. I felt I should make a post about my short story that I wrote and maybe even tease the next one a little bit.

My first story “Cazzet” came from a rough patch I was going through several months ago. I channeled my grievances in the form of an apocalyptic story. Right before I killed off the character I decided to take it in a new direction asking “what if there is a knock on the door before she kills herself?”. I knew I had to explain a way for someone to magically come back from the dead. I introduced the concept of being able to create realities based on dreams. I called people who can do this “Cazzets”. It’s a totally made up word and I even googled it to make sure. The story then becomes her trying to making the dream permanent rather than a lucid dream.

I’m an amateur writer so I’m not going to claim this is the best thing ever written. I took a lot of inspiration from the video game “Life is Strange”. It’s a great game you can play on console or even your phone. It deals with time travel and the butterfly effect. This girl has this rewind power she uses initially to save her friend who was shot. If you like the game, I promise this short story has a similar vibe.

Please check out my short story. It’s only $2.99 + tax on the Amazon store or free if you have the Kindle monthly service.

next month, I’m going to release a short story about 5 humans competing in an alien game show for the chance to win advanced alien knowledge and technology. The games are deadly so no one is ever really safe while playing. Look out for “Lesnara”!

Thank you for reading this post and don’t forget to check out our podcast every Friday.

Episode 1 Discussion

We talked about ourselves and the podcast. What did you think of our pilot episode? Comment your thoughts and questions below. We want to keep the conversation going beyond the Podcast. This specific post will be good practice for conversing between you (the audience) and us (the creators) to make our show the best it can be. We have a lot to learn and we want your feedback.