“Cazzet” by Derek LaBouve

Hey, Derek here. I felt I should make a post about my short story that I wrote and maybe even tease the next one a little bit. My first story “Cazzet” came from a rough patch I was going through several months ago. I channeled my grievances in the form of an apocalyptic story. RightContinue reading ““Cazzet” by Derek LaBouve”

Our little secret

In order to start the process of getting our podcast out to all of the apps/websites you love, we had to make the first episode be live. You can already find the first episode ready to play on: SoundCloud, Spotify, Google Play, Apple, Podcast Addict, TuneIn, Deezer, Castbox, and Spreaker. Just look up “everything oppositeContinue reading “Our little secret”